Safrinet provides a one-stop solution for connecting your company between South Africa, the UK and other European destinations. Our unique network design combines Cisco kit with our own bespoke network management tools and support to offer fast order installation on existing routes, great quality, fantastic pricing and a network you can rely upon to provide your customers with the products and services they need.



Through our bespoke network configuration we can offer:

  • Elastic network design and customer defined networking
  • Provision of International fibre optic cables to connect data centres
  • International ethernet services
  • International and national virtual private network (VPN) solutions
  • Delivery of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls
  • Delivery of International calls via traditional copper (TDM) networks
  • Outsourcing of international network requirements



We will provide you with superfast connectivity and a quality network connection between connection points that you choose to make your optimal network.


Your network will be secure, based on Cisco hardware and industry standard security protocals. In addition, we can offer additional security through to edge devices should you require. Please contact us for further details.

Quick & EASY

Forget 3 month plus lead times. We offer market leading responsiveness for quotations, contracting and service implementation. South Africa has invested in our Safrinet network which is operational and ready to initiate your service.


We don’t have legacy network costs, haven’t over-engineered our design and don’t have loads of lawyers and accountants to pay for. We offer a first class network with a great cost base designed to give you the type of service and connectivity that you need


Every customer matters to us. You matter. We will provide a tailored service to implement your chosen network configuration as efficiently as possible and then manage that so you can concentrate on your customers.


Are you a company with offices internationally that needs reliable, secure data and voice connectivity?

Do you have mission critical information that needs to be digitally transferred?

Do you offer customer products such as video conferencing, MMS, SMS, VoIP calls, file storage and transfer, cloud applications, encrypted data transmission and require a network to carry these products securely.



We have infrastructure in place ready to bring into service for you.

We use Cisco equipment, secure tier 1 data centers and have procured a competitive cost base.

We offer a wide range of products from hosting through to full outsource.

We will provide any amount of capacity that you require.

  • Contact us
  • Tell us what you need
  • We will make a quote
  • You accept and sign up
  • We turn on your service


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